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sonicthehedgehog2012 asked:

I understand on how you feel about Godzilla 2014. I'm a true Godzilla and everyone in the world has waiting 10 years for a new movie to come. I'm really excited for the this movie, heck EVERYONE is excited for it, and on websites and videos, i always see Godzilla as the number 1 anticipated movie of 2014, which i agree. Another thing to note is that this movie celebrates's Godzilla's 60th's anniversary! But anywho,to my question. What do you think of the design of G2014? To me? It's perfect!!

Sadly I’m not digging the design - didn’t really care for the early drawings that they kept denying was the actual creature which turned out to be the real deal. Got to check out the toys a week or so ago and just couldn’t bring myself over to like it. Now it may end up looking better on film but thus far it’s done very little for me. The dislike of the feet and even the spines to some extent is one thing but I’m not liking the head much at all. I’m not convinced of anything thus far for this flick - I’ll check it out the week it comes out but the way they are promoting I think it’s gonna get lost between superhero flicks and sadly gonna disappear quickly as theaters are trying to make way for the onslaught of summer flicks. People seem to forget that even though the last American version is universally panned - they ran a hell of a marketing campaign to get people to check out the flick that first weekend - this new campaign is very limited and off puting to a lot of the audience.

cactisuns asked:

Are you familiar with Larry Todd at all? I've seen some of his work posted on here but not much else. I'm roommates with his son, and I'm really interested in his art.

I’m really only familiar with his stuff at Warren - and maybe some 70’s underground comics which I think he did - not that sure. Why not just ask your roommate - I’m sure he has some insight on his dad.

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