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furiousape asked:

hey. i refused to even see the new godzilla movie because i knew americans couldn't get it right and because digital effects bore me. but i do have a tangental question: have you seen big man japan, and if so what did you think of that?

I thought Big Man Japan was really fun - easily worth a watch for anyone who has not seen it - the new Godzilla flick is more of a missed opportunity than anything else - more effort was put in establishing his foes the M.U.T.O.’s. Digital Effects can work when handled correctly sad thing is they very rarely are - bad CGI kills films for me - and I love stop-motion, miniatures, and practical effects even when they look off - CGI comes off as jarring to me in many instances.


Anonymous asked:

I'm a Showa-era kaiju fan who agrees with your criticisms of the new American film and also feels that most members of the "Godzilla fandom" are people that I have little in common with. My question is, is our Godzilla dead? We're probably never gonna see another Japanese film, definitely never gonna see another film with practical effects, and none of the recent comics/games/etc really capture what originally spoke to me in the Showa films. PS - X and The Decline of Western Civilization rule.

I am confident we will see another Japanese Godzilla film - It may be a long, long way off but we will see one. As far as fandom goes (I dislike most - if not all fandom) - as most seems manufactured at some level to dupe people into buying more stuff they don’t need. Being a fan of something does not mean someone has to devolve into what fandom has become.

I love the Shōwa era films - that said - I don’t hate what followed I enjoyed (some) of the newer films and I completely believe a strong mixture of practical effects combined with newer technology is the way to go (all CGI is a mistake)

As far as the newer material comics and games etc - most is not for me - I like a lot of the cover art for some of the comics but they don’t feel right to me - I felt the same for the old dark horse series years back and the marvel mess from years ago. Games I bought some of the older PS2 games years ago they were cool but clunky - I am not a gamer so I’m a little out of date. I’m not a fan of the newer monster designs so I have little interest in most of the (toys, statues) merchandise available and the stuff I actually like is priced way too high for me.

It’s hard to envision a return to the older films because the people influenced by them are much older than the filmmakers, writers and artists involved in any of the newer material. Everyone involved likes to tinker an add new material - which is good but has it’s drawbacks.

Finally I am glad Godzilla has continued on - the original Shōwa films are more near and dear to me than most family members.

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