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Trying to rebuild / re-organize my movie archive since my computer died … it’s taken me two weeks to (semi)successfully organize 1833 films but I’m thinking that’s like 2% of my collection so I’m sort of screwed - my Kaiju collection alone makes me want to bang my head against the floor - why do I need 6 different versions of varying quality of each and every Godzilla film and why are their so many different dubs of Gamera films …why?

this rant is hurting my brain … my organizational skills suck and I estimate completion of this massive undertaking to take the next 5 years of my life

does anyone in the wasteland use PLEX for their collections?

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  1. g-a-l-i-u-x-x-x answered: ¿Alligator?
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  3. dreamsin8bit answered: PLEX FTW. I really need to organize my films. That and digitize them all. I am waiting on H.265 encoders tho so I can use half the disk space
  4. mothgirlwings answered: No, I wish I could help - but I LOVE the blockheads!
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