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Infernal Angel by Edward Lee

My Mom gave me a Kindle two weeks ago when I went and visited her.  So I’ve been sifting through all those books I never got around to reading and just randomly threw them in it. A ton of pulp that I would never buy for the bookshelf, because I would always pass it over for something better, an assortment of classics which I didn’t want to spend money on (mostly because I’m a cheap old bastard) and well anything I had laying around on the old hard-drive. But I figured with a device like this it’s a whole lot easier to sample crap then buy a book get angry and throw it across the room when I’ve had enough (yes this does happen.) Since I was recovering from a passing plague, I thought I should read utter nonsense to get the old brain whirling. I chose Edward Lee’s “Infernal Angel,” now I’ve read Lee’s “Flesh Gothic” and enjoyed it and I’ve read “City Infernal” the first part of this series. While it was no masterpiece it did make me laugh at its nonsensical version of Hell and its inhabitants. I really wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this and I was not disappointed. Much like a bad film you can’t shut off, this book just kept going and going. Werewolf prostitutes, Jesus clones, eyeball munching and babbling severed heads; it had me wondering if Edward Lee had chosen to be a filmmaker would his films be this insane? Instead he’s just another writer who has wasted several hours of my life. I’m not completely convinced I’ve seen the last of his work (he does seem to crank it out) perhaps next time will turn out better.

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