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Sherilyn Fenn (Jay Leno Interview 199?)

So I was looking through a disc I burned in 1998 and found some stills I captured back in the mid to late 90’s - quality and size sucks - I used to have to hook up a VCR into a Snappy Video Capture device which used to plug in the printer port - used to get all sorts of weird distortion and such.

doowopapocalypse-deactivated201 asked:

What happened to them? If you want I can send you some...I got a short NASA?Air Force doc on the SDI/Star Wars program and some Desert Storm...uh...I guess I'd call them highlight reels..

A few years back I had a breaking point with my VHS collection - I was moving and the collection exceeded well over 5000 tapes - One wall had 1000 tapes and was a massive eyesore - but large portions were packed in crates in rooms and closets it was a nightmare - my collecting was always about finding and tracking down weird and hard to find films - it was never supposed to be about a format - VHS is so damn big a clunky - backing them up on DVD was just to time consuming and had just become an option (I did so for some personal tapes on some oddities)- Then came the purge - everything went including the machines. It was all or nothing - if even one remained they would multiply.

I’ve always approached film collecting as some a sort of mystical experience - films, oddities and just about all media - want to be experienced -if I wanted a specific film - it usually found it’s way to me in some fashion of fORM - this is something I still believe in. It’s disturbing to think my collection is probably 10 times the size now - it just takes up much less room.

Thanks for the offer but I actually now have access to more than I could ever view in a dozen lifetimes - think I will always be a bit nostalgic for the old days of scanning the early public access channels in hopes of the weird, those fading UHF signals which would produce obscure gems and of course the strangeness you could encounter through tape trades.

Sorry this entire thing seems a bit of a ramble.

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