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thepkmnprofessor-deactivated201 asked:

Who's your favourite monster other than GODZILLA in the Godzilla films?

That’s not easy for me as I’m a fickle old bastard and this answer makes me sound insane … that … and I change it often . . with Godzilla it’s easy - with the most screen time it lets him ham it up and win you over - but I tend to like personality and Anguirus out shines just about every other Monster in those terms and is just so fun to watch - he’s the spunky little Monster that could.  Rodan showed very little in his solo film but shines in all his other appearances often times at Godzilla expense which is nice. Gigan tends to get a bad rap but man he is a bad-ass - sadly the Monster that’s too cool for school King Ghidorah shows no real individuality and sort of is controlled at every turn by various Aliens throughout the series.  I would love to see an existentialist film featuring King Ghidorah flying through space alone pondering his existence. Not sure I gave the answer you were looking for but it was an answer of sorts.

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