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Anonymous asked:

I'm a Showa-era kaiju fan who agrees with your criticisms of the new American film and also feels that most members of the "Godzilla fandom" are people that I have little in common with. My question is, is our Godzilla dead? We're probably never gonna see another Japanese film, definitely never gonna see another film with practical effects, and none of the recent comics/games/etc really capture what originally spoke to me in the Showa films. PS - X and The Decline of Western Civilization rule.

I am confident we will see another Japanese Godzilla film - It may be a long, long way off but we will see one. As far as fandom goes (I dislike most - if not all fandom) - as most seems manufactured at some level to dupe people into buying more stuff they don’t need. Being a fan of something does not mean someone has to devolve into what fandom has become.

I love the Shōwa era films - that said - I don’t hate what followed I enjoyed (some) of the newer films and I completely believe a strong mixture of practical effects combined with newer technology is the way to go (all CGI is a mistake)

As far as the newer material comics and games etc - most is not for me - I like a lot of the cover art for some of the comics but they don’t feel right to me - I felt the same for the old dark horse series years back and the marvel mess from years ago. Games I bought some of the older PS2 games years ago they were cool but clunky - I am not a gamer so I’m a little out of date. I’m not a fan of the newer monster designs so I have little interest in most of the (toys, statues) merchandise available and the stuff I actually like is priced way too high for me.

It’s hard to envision a return to the older films because the people influenced by them are much older than the filmmakers, writers and artists involved in any of the newer material. Everyone involved likes to tinker an add new material - which is good but has it’s drawbacks.

Finally I am glad Godzilla has continued on - the original Shōwa films are more near and dear to me than most family members.

OK …
But nope - keep him far away from a sequel. For an action Sci-Fi flick the action was bland, the script was bland, the acting was bland even boring (other than a few exceptions) - so how did he do a good job directing if everything but the visual effects worked - those guys did all the heavy lifting and his poor direction minimized even that - great idea put Godzilla footage on TV in the background - brilliant - great skills (worked in Cloverfield cause the movie cost 25 Million not 160)
Sorry that just does not work these days. I was kind to the film because despite all else I wanted it to perform well for the future of the franchise - I also didn’t tear into while it was still in theaters - but for the sake of Godzilla - he must not return.


Anonymous asked:

I thought the latest Godzilla was excellent, so I'm In disagreement with you there, and I'm pleased that Edwards is directing the next one. You may or may not be pleased to know that he's already said he intends to include Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidorah, so we shall see...

Your entitled to your opinion but your wrong!

Saying you have access to use other monsters is not confirming they will be in it - nothing has been written for it - Gareth’s fans come of more like bullies and trolls than actual fans of Godzilla - (I’ve received more hate filled messages that I never post or respond to - on this film - then anything else) I am still hopeful he will not be directing the next Godzilla film - Legendary cannot sit and back burner a sequel while Gareth fulfills other commitments in regards to some Star Wars standalone - his poor direction, casting and script has delivered two boring films.  He will probably be involved in name capacity for the marks who praised his work before the film was even released.  Strong Direction and a much better handling of the property - is the only way they can continue to make these films - and let’s be clear that film way underperformed - lucrative licensing deals has helped with pushing a sequel through. I didn’t enjoy the film, hated the logic throughout - and wondered why he continually cut to Elizabeth Olsen staring blankly and just doing nonsensical things - tension building does not fly after the first ten times you build and don’t deliver - all it does create such bad reviews that your film drops off the charts a week after it comes out. I want a good Godzilla flick - for the money that was spent TOHO could have made 5 to 8 films and they still would have saved a ton of cash plus we would get to actually see Godzilla.


Anonymous asked:

What would you like to see in a Godzilla 2?

Godzilla! - No Gareth Edwards (Keep him far way from this one) - A Script - Asian Actors - Maser Cannons - Anguirus (he is the first kaiju Godzilla fought and he should be represented - hint at Mothra  even introduce some mythology - nothing more) - No King Ghidorah (not for a second film) - maybe another original Monster - if they are going to return to the M.U.T.O.’s - no more flying creatures - save that for Rodan (in a later film) - something aquatic and squishy - something we have never seen. No more false advertising - an honest fun approach (not moody and dark).

Took the family to the Drive-In (which was a first) to check out Godzilla. Half way through the film my daughter asked where was Godzilla? My only response was wait and see. Of course he shows up sporadically throughout for mere seconds - and at the end for one actual fight. My daughter had a hoot, my wife enjoyed it - myself - I was underwhelmed. The things I was concerned about and wrote about leading up to the films premier compounded by all the hate mail and bashing I received just for voicing concern in the way the film was being marketed - really hit home while I was watching it. The visual effects people did a great job - as did Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche and Ken Watanabe especially since none of them received very much screen time. I think if your a Godzilla fan you should check it out. In the end I sort of got what I expected - had fun with family at the Drive-In so it still was a nice night.


Anonymous asked:

Godzilla 2014 is about the arrogance of mankind as a whole.

Godzilla 2014 is really about how little patience I have with all the moronic comments people keep filling my inbox with about this film.

Somehow by saying I’d like the film to have a broad appeal and be fun for the whole family has been translated as I want a kids film with Godzilla dancing and campy nonsense.

I’m confused by so called fans who have yet to actually watch most if not all the films that already exist - yabbering to me in messages and posts because I don’t share whatever view they may have.

I want a good film, I want a fun action packed Monster romp with destruction and monsters battling - I don’t want half assed social critiques - depressing and morose pandering and all the fallout that occurs if the film fails. I love GODZILLA but if this film flops the comics, books, toys and the current availability of such things suffers drastically. 

I have said I will spend my money on this film on opening weekend - but the way it is currently being marketed - I could not take my daughter - which is sad.

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