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Took the family to the Drive-In (which was a first) to check out Godzilla. Half way through the film my daughter asked where was Godzilla? My only response was wait and see. Of course he shows up sporadically throughout for mere seconds - and at the end for one actual fight. My daughter had a hoot, my wife enjoyed it - myself - I was underwhelmed. The things I was concerned about and wrote about leading up to the films premier compounded by all the hate mail and bashing I received just for voicing concern in the way the film was being marketed - really hit home while I was watching it. The visual effects people did a great job - as did Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche and Ken Watanabe especially since none of them received very much screen time. I think if your a Godzilla fan you should check it out. In the end I sort of got what I expected - had fun with family at the Drive-In so it still was a nice night.


Anonymous asked:

Godzilla 2014 is about the arrogance of mankind as a whole.

Godzilla 2014 is really about how little patience I have with all the moronic comments people keep filling my inbox with about this film.

Somehow by saying I’d like the film to have a broad appeal and be fun for the whole family has been translated as I want a kids film with Godzilla dancing and campy nonsense.

I’m confused by so called fans who have yet to actually watch most if not all the films that already exist - yabbering to me in messages and posts because I don’t share whatever view they may have.

I want a good film, I want a fun action packed Monster romp with destruction and monsters battling - I don’t want half assed social critiques - depressing and morose pandering and all the fallout that occurs if the film fails. I love GODZILLA but if this film flops the comics, books, toys and the current availability of such things suffers drastically. 

I have said I will spend my money on this film on opening weekend - but the way it is currently being marketed - I could not take my daughter - which is sad.

If you have been following my posts about this film - you would have noted that my feelings towards the original film are nothing but love and adoration - the series tone changed following that original film and that change helped make Godzilla the icon that we now have -  I do not believe an American film studio should be dabbling with tonally the same ground the original film covered - that is a not our story to tell and it should not be what this film or any American Remake/Sequel should be about. The only aspect which Hollywood brings to this project is a massive influx of cash and that should be utilized in a way that only money can buy - massive Monster battles and destruction. By presenting a dark broody even depressing film may entice the same audiences that want to see Superman snap peoples necks it does little for me and it will suffer financially and tarnish the Godzilla property in the long run. I still have hope that this is more than just Legendary and Warner Brothers continuing to present their dark and bleak outlook to the world. What happened to making fun flicks kids can watch without being sad and depressed.  

boyeatsgirlandgirleatsboy asked:

Hey man I know you said that you weren't excited for the new American Godzilla movie, and neither was I, but after the new trailer...I'm actually pretty excited. I was just wondering if you saw it, and if you had, what are your thoughts?

I’m still real hesitant - The glimpses of the design we get to see I’m not loving - people seem to making a lot of the fact that they are harking back to the original - but didn’t just about every Toho film from 1984 on up do the same thing with varying degrees of success. I’m really concerned about the tone of the film - the dark nature and bleakness in these trailers just make me believe it’s not going to be accessible to kids which is sad - Godzilla as a character has to appeal to children and new audiences otherwise it can kill everything associated with it. After the 98 film it was very difficult to get any Godzilla associated products - no one wanted to carry anything with the name even if it had nothing to do with the film. Still going to see it but the hopes of bringing my daughter dwindle and that to me is very sad.

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