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The Avengers has already grossed over 200 million dollars overseas, and is on track to make an insane amount of money when it opens in the US this weekend. When you go see it, why not take a portion of your ticket price and help us open a pop-up Jack Kirby gallery in the neighborhood where he was born? 

You can read our detailed appeal for funding here. 

We’ve got plenty of original Jack artwork to hang on the walls, not to mention other artifacts from Jack’s life. The more money we raise now, the more we can do, and the longer we’ll be able to keep the doors open! We’d like to be more than just a gallery, though. We’ll have lectures from comics pros, host or sponsor art lessons for kids, and work with other local NYC historical organizations to educate folks about what it was like growing up in Jack’s neighborhood during the depression.

We’ve been fundraising for the gallery since September, but we haven’t yet reached our goal. We’ve got a few announcements to make in the coming months that should help us get there, and with any luck, and if folks help us get the word out, we’ll be open by the end of the year. Every little bit helps, and if you can’t donate, please help us spread the word!

By the way, how cool is this Jack self-portrait? My reliable sources tell me it was inked by Mike Royer and colored by Tom Ziuko! I believe this version of it appeared in the Jack Kirby Collector around 1997…

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