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Anonymous asked:

How many Emanuelle movies are their?

That’s a good question … the Emanuelle series is an alternative to the mainstream Emmanuelle series usually referred to as the Black Emanuelle films - most starring Laura Gemser and the best directed by Joe D’Amato. The series was much more creative than the mainstream one and usually had Emanuelle as an investigating reporter / photographer - seducing anyone and everyone to get her story. The problem is while some films are clearly meant to be part of the series - some are not - Gemser became so known for the films just about every film of hers has been released somewhere as an Emanuelle film - it’s a lot like the Django films but with boobs, lots of boobs. I love the sleazy lot of them, I mean how could I not - cannibals, criminals, snuff peddlers, prostitutes, women in prison, naughty nuns, slave traders and a whole lot more.

Emanuelle in America (1976)

Sorting through all these Emanuelle films has left me with scar tissue on my retinas - It would be wrong of me - not to indulge myself and watch this Joe D’amato masterpiece which features everything a sleaze hound could desire extreme simulated snuff footage, bestiality and Laura Gemser running around naked enjoying anyone and everyone.

Love Camp (1981) aka Divine Emanuelle

The days are beginning to blur … sorting exploitation films is serious business - It’s amazing how many films starring Laura Gemser had their titles changed to refer to the Emanuelle series - what scares me is how many copies of each film I possess - each one has multiple sources and all ranging in quality.  I’m dreading the day I start organizing the Django films.

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