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Anonymous asked:

How many Emanuelle movies are their?

That’s a good question … the Emanuelle series is an alternative to the mainstream Emmanuelle series usually referred to as the Black Emanuelle films - most starring Laura Gemser and the best directed by Joe D’Amato. The series was much more creative than the mainstream one and usually had Emanuelle as an investigating reporter / photographer - seducing anyone and everyone to get her story. The problem is while some films are clearly meant to be part of the series - some are not - Gemser became so known for the films just about every film of hers has been released somewhere as an Emanuelle film - it’s a lot like the Django films but with boobs, lots of boobs. I love the sleazy lot of them, I mean how could I not - cannibals, criminals, snuff peddlers, prostitutes, women in prison, naughty nuns, slave traders and a whole lot more.

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