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No Love for the Monster Man…..

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Rawr!
Monster Man: Greetings..
Stranger: Hi :)
Monster Man: Tell me something strange…
Stranger: I collect umbrellas.
Monster Man: Hmmm….
Monster Man: Mary Poppins has one that can fly … do any of yours?
Stranger: I very much wish they could :(
Monster Man: Don’t fret maybe one day
Stranger: It’s something to hope for :)
Monster Man: Hope is good…
Stranger: Is it?
Monster Man: A flying umbrella is better..
Stranger: It borders disturbingly close to faith for my tastes someday.
Stranger: ….well that’s uncontestable. :D
Monster Man: Faith in the unknown is good
Monster Man: What lurks in the dark, whats hiding under the bed
Stranger: No, you’re mistaking metaphor and faith.
Stranger: The first one is beautiful and often useful.
Stranger: The second is evil.
Monster Man: Words are what we make them…
Stranger: Really? I’m sure Saussure would have something to say about that :p
Monster Man: metaphors are creatures of habit like insects or rodents…
Stranger: No, those are cliches :)
Monster Man: Now your just bating me…..
Monster Man:
Not all Dinosaurs are Narcoleptic some are just extinct
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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