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Anonymous asked:

Have you read anything lately - I liked your book suggestions.

No I was reading a few books a month last year - but buying a home and all the stress of life sort of took it’s toll. Plus I gave my wife my Kindle which was awesome for her but not so much for me. I got a Nexus 7 but never really made the transition reading on it - been reading a lot of old comics on it but no books - not the same on the eyes as a Kindle. Sorry I’m hoping to change this in the summer when the kids home playing in the front yard and I’m sitting outside watching her destroy my front lawn.

facistsmashits-deactivated20130 asked:

Hello, I was wondering if you read bizarro fiction? (it's one of my obsessions) and if so, who's your favorite bizarro fiction writer?

I’ve read a bunch - I’ll probably say Carlton Mellick III is easily my favorite Bizarro writer … his stuff is fun, weird and original. The entire Bizarro genre is hampered by people trying to be weird to fit into it - it’s strange I liked the sampler compilation books they put out to entice and introduce readers to the genre - they need to keep doing stuff like that and be a little less rigid in defining it - the only other Bizarro writers that comes to mind is Made In DNA. He sometimes labels his stuff sexpunk but it’s weird and squishy and fits right in. But Mellick III’s stuff is always worthwhile which I like - it helps that he fluctuates between short and long stories cause you can always squeeze one of his shorts in before reading something longer. Not sure if this was a rambling response I’m a bit off at the moment.

I just read both books back to back The Haunting of Hill House did little for me as a novel - I’ve enjoyed the original film but the book is plodding and is more of a story about a sad mentally unstable girl - the horror aspects are limited. Matheson’s Hell House is a story about a haunted house and the people combating it - it’s a supernatural carnival ride that delivers what is expected while Shirley’s tale barely delves into anything - to say that Matheson ripped off Shirley is insane.

Savage Season (1990)

I started re-reading Joe Lansdale’s Hap & Leonard mysteries - it’s been a few years since I’ve read any and I’m pretty sure I did a piss poor job reading them in order the first time out that and I’m sure I missed a few. Just devoured the first book Savage Season -  a strange, bloody, weird, violent story - so much fun - highly recommended.


Anonymous asked:

what you reading now Monster Man?

The Art Of Intrusion: The Real Stories Behind The Exploits Of Hackers, Intruders, And Deceivers by Kevin Mitnick - fun so far no too much technical jargon.  Not exactly sure how I started this one my Kindles loaded with all sorts of stuff and I tend to choose randomly every few books or so.  If it turns out well I may read the other Mitnick books - I just grabbed the entire series of Hap & Leonard books from Joe Lansdale and those are always fun so I may just read them all in order.

I’d take it slow they are definitely not for everyone and they really vary in quality. I’d say the best place to start is The Bizarro Starter Kit anthologies - Orange and Blue they introduce the genre and many of the writers. Another was published Purple but I have yet to read that - I’m sure it’s more of the same - those anthologies are the best representation of the entire style I have seen - they are hit and miss. I personally like Carlton Mellick III his books are fun and enjoyable. Some of the the writers try to be strange just to be strange which sort of sucks the life out everything - some of the writing comes off as genuinely weird which is great. But take it slow as I said it’s not for everyone.


Anonymous asked:

What are you reading Monster?

I started Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse but the stories were hit and miss and just felt I do better if I come back to it later. Just started Damnation Alley by Roger Zelazny - I grew up on the film but I figured the book should be cute. Been meaning to write a bunch of reviews for a ton of books I’ve read in the last few weeks - including a few Carlton Mellick III books Ape Shit as well as Zombies and Shit.  The two Sandman Slim novels by Richard Kadrey. Harry Harrison’s Bill, The Galactic Hero, the Craig Ferguson bio American on Purpose and lastly Made in DNA’s Bukkake Brawl and DE SADE ASSASSINS. The more I want to write reviews - it seems the less likely I am to do it - so who knows.

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