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It should come as no surprise that the works of Richard Matheson have left an impact on my life. “The Legend of Hell House” film and the novel it is based “Hell House” have been personal favorites since I was young. I can not even calculate how many times I’ve watched the film or how much comfort this disturbing tale has given me.  I re-read the novel in April of last year and plan on doing it again on some dark creepy night. 

The world lost a true storyteller …


Omega Man

It’s amazing the Last Man on Earth, Omega Man and (Smith’s) I Am Legend were all made from the same book. As much as I love two of them, none of them come close to the book though. I’ve always said until they film the ending, it isn’t I am Legend. If anything Night of the Living Dead (original) comes the closest and Romero has been open about I am Legend being the inspiration.

I just read both books back to back The Haunting of Hill House did little for me as a novel - I’ve enjoyed the original film but the book is plodding and is more of a story about a sad mentally unstable girl - the horror aspects are limited. Matheson’s Hell House is a story about a haunted house and the people combating it - it’s a supernatural carnival ride that delivers what is expected while Shirley’s tale barely delves into anything - to say that Matheson ripped off Shirley is insane.

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