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Rick Baker ‘s Bela Lugosi Illustration

Here is another awesome Rick Baker illustration; it’s Bela Lugosi and look how freaking photo realistic it is. I love that Baker has become an expert illustrator in CG art.

From the wiki:

As a teen, Baker began creating artificial body parts in his own kitchen. He also appeared briefly in the “lost” classic fan production “The Night Turkey” a one hour B&W video parody of “The Night Stalker” (winner of the Best Short Film award at an early San Diego Comic-Con) directed by William Malone (who went on to direct feature films like the science fiction thriller Creature) and included in its cast Bill Mills (currently a voice actor, independent audio producer and Director of Audio Productions for REB AudioBooks) and Robert Short (a fellow special makeup artist who also went on to win an Academy Award for his work in Beetlejuice). Baker’s first professional job was as an assistant to Dick Smith on the film The Exorcist.[2] He received the inaugural Academy Award for Best Makeup for his work on An American Werewolf in London.[3] He also created the “werecat” creature Michael Jackson transforms into in the music video Thriller. Subsequently, Baker has been nominated for the Best Makeup Oscar ten more times, winning on seven occasions, both records in his field.[4] Baker claims that his work on Harry and the Hendersons is one of his proudest achievements.[5] On 3 October 2009 he received the Jack Pierce – Lifetime Achievement Award title of the Chiller-Eyegore Awards.[6] Baker most recently created the special makeup effects for the 2010 film The Wolfman for which he also won an Academy Award in 2011.[7]

Baker also contributes commentaries to the web series Trailers From Hell[8] for trailers about horror and science fiction films.


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