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The Death of Bunny Munro by Nick Cave

Now I finished this one about a week and a half ago - but I wanted it to fester away in my gray matter for a bit. My initial reaction when I started the book was that it’s early chapters read like masturbation fodder for a teenage boy. The detailed references to Kylie Minogue’s ass, daydreams of spanking Madonna’s bottom and the pure admiration of Avril Lavigne’s looks came off a bit odd and seemed more like name dropping than anything relevant - which would all be fine if this story was about Mr.Cave himself but of course it was not.

While the plot grows into a disturbing tale of a parental relationship in full-on meltdown mode - it keeps sliding back into this monotonous depravity which at times seems forced and instead of amplifying the stories best aspects he seems to downplay them and by the end abandons everything for heavy handed melodrama.

I stuck this one out and don’t regret reading it - but I was disappointed and couldn’t recommend it.

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